Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Humor Ice Cream

Oooh, hoo, hoo!
Now that's funny!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Big news around here!  I'm going to the London Olympics with my mama!  Read all about it right here.

Such a happy day!  xoxoxo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feeling Extra Silly Today...

My aunt Michelle showed me the silliest love song in the whole wide world.  I've been cracking up and singing along for days.  "I'm still lovin' you, girl."  Bwa hahaha! Watch it for yourself.  Thanks for the great laugh, Aunt Michelle!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Howdy there! Two days ago, my grandpa had a birthday. For his birthday, my cousins and I decided to make a cowboy movie for him. Leave a comment and tell how you rate it. Happy Birthday, Grandpa! PS Before you watch the movie, click pause on the ipod on the right sidebar.  That will stop the blog music, so you can enjoy the sound of the video. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

Lend me your Ears!

This is the summer of the Bard.  That's right.  We're studying Shakespeare over here.  At first I thought it might be boring, but tis not so, my good people.  Tis actually quite fun!  I'm going to keep track of what we read and we can talk about it, OK?
First up, we've finished A Midsummer's Night Dream.
 My favorite character is Nick Bottom.  He's an actor that isn't too happy to have the lead in a play.  No, that's not quite enough for Nick.  He wants to play every part, right down to the animals.  Here's the kicker: Nick has a lot more ambition than he has talent.   (Seen any American Idol auditions lately? Ha, ha.) 

This is Nick after Puck's prank.
Here are a few lines from the play that you might recognize:
"The course of true love never did run smooth."
"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind."
"What fools these mortals be!"
There are lots of mixed-up, starcrossed lovers and silly pranks.  It's a fun and light hearted read, and methinks that you will love it! 

PS We are using the Shakespeare Can Be Fun and Shakespeare for Young People series.  We're also watching the movies when we finish.  Join us.  We have also finished Twelfth Night and next up is Hamlet.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here goes....

Should I start with an apology?  I haven't posted in quite a while.  But apologies are dry and boring.  Unless you are crying, and then they are wet and boring.  So, anyway, I'm back!  I won't even try to catch up, because that would be boring (see above).  Let me tell you about what floats or sinks my boat right now.
Toe shoes:
I just got my first pair.  I knew they would hurt, but I didn't know they would HURT!  Yowza! 
They're supposed to come off this August.  In the meantime, they hurt, but they dont' HURT like toe shoes.  (See above).
Trampoline: We just got one!  I use it for reading.  Really!  Try it.  Bring a book and a pillow and just lay there.  One word of advice: watch out for little brothers who would prefer to jump than read.
Violin: I'm playing some Suzuki book 6 classical music (Fioco Allegro, for anyone interested) but adding some fun movie music this summer, like Indiana Jones theme and Be Our Guest, plus lots of classic fiddling.
Bike: I got a hot pink/aqua beach cruiser for my birthday!  It is one sweet ride, with a nice squishy comfy seat. 
Nook: I don't have one yet.  But I will, I will!  I've got my pennies saved and I'm just waiting for Aunt Leslie to make it to Utah.
 Raspberry Lemonade.. Bars: Have you tried them?  Maybe I will post the recipe...
Bottlecap Necklaces: My friend Katie got me started on these.  Any old bottle cap can make a fun piece of jewelery. 
That'll do it for today.  Will you stick around and read?  I promise to post every day for the next week.  Leave me a comment and let me know that you are here.  Hello?  Hello?  Tell me what floats or sinks your boat!  xoxoxo Sailor

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Make Hair Flowers

Hello, everybody!!! My friend Krista showed me how to make hair flowers, so I thought I'd share it with you.
Have you seen hair flowers that are the latest style? Do you see them and think "Oh, that is SO cute!" or, "I wish I had one!" Well, today is YOUR lucky day. I'm going to teach you how to make hair flowers! It saves money and it's fun and easy.
To make these flowers, you will need: 1 glue gun, polyester fabric cut into different size circles (I use four circles, about 4 inches in diameter for the largest, then 3 inches, 2 inch and 1 inch), 1 burning candle, 1 box of hair clips, and beads(optional). First find a empty workspace for your materials and a spot to let your flowers dry. Second, find the color combinations that you like. Choose colors to match an outfit for a special occasion or for daily wear. Next, take your bottom layer (your biggest circle) of your flower and put it next to the flame of the candle. The edges should curve upward and get crinkly and black. Repeat with all of your circles. After you have burned the edges of every layer, glue the layers together with your hot glue gun. Glue the largest on the bottom, and add the rest, largest to smallest. After that, turn it over and glue one hairclip on the back of your flower. Finally, if you would like your flower to have a center, choose a bead to put in the center of your flower and hot glue gun it there. Before wearing, let the glue dry completely. The clip may stick when you want to open it, but if you push hard on the end curving upward it should open. Congratulations!!!! You have made a hair flower!
I like them because they're cute, fun, easy to make and cheap. Besides putting them in your hair, you can give them as gifts,make a bouquet out of them and clip them on apron or jumper straps or coat lapels.Have fun making more hair flowers!
PS I will post some pictures soon of me making hair flowers!